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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Indian Visa process for Bangladeshi Citizen

Visit visa for India from Bangladesh

It is always seen that people are hesitating so much before applying for Visa whether they’ll get visa or not. Even a group of brokers is seen on near place of the Embassy waiting and continuously asking people if they need any help and making those people confused about the visa and they ensure visas on payment of money to them.

Besides.. for e-token it is seen that most people are seen to pay the brokers tk 100 to 200 where no such payment is needed if done by himself by browsing ” and log on to ‘E-Token system’.

But to get visa of India for Bangladeshi people is as easy as breathing and it is almost 99 percent sure that you’ll have the visa if you’ve filled up the visa application form correctly and followed the process thereby.

The process for Indian visa at whole are given below:-

1. First of all get the VISA APPLICATION FORM which can be collected from EMBASSY or from INTERNET.

2. Get your E-token number by visiting and logging on “E-Token system”.

3. Get a print out of the E-Token copy on a A4 size page.

Note that- E-Token is valid only on the mentioned date and not afterwards.

4. On given date present at the embassy with following documents-

i. Visa application form

ii. Two copy of recent photographs

iii. Copy of the voter ID card/ Electricity bill/ Water bill/ Telephone bill for proof of residence.

v. Copy of the ID card of of the Organization/ College/ University for proof of profession

vi. Photocopy of the Passport (Page 1 – Page 7)

vii. Foreign endorsement of minimum US $150 or proof of income by providing any recent bank statement or copy of recent valid credit card

viii. If endorsed then endorsement certificate

ix. Printed copy of the E-Token Number.

5. All the documents has to be submitted to the proper person on embassy and then the passport has to be submitted by paying a sum of tk 300 as a fee for visa to the embassy.

6. A part of the E-token will be returned back to the person submitting the passport for representing, at the embassy to get back the passport with a date mentioning on it for such return.

7. On given date you can get the passport back by submitting that part of the page.

Thats all and you are sure to have your visa.

Contact Indian Visa Application Center are given below-

1. IVAC, Gulshan, Dhaka-
“ Lake View ” House # 12, Road # 137,Gulshan-1 Dhaka -1212,Bangladesh.
Tel:00-88-02-9893006,8833632 Fax: 00-88-02-9863229 Email:

2. IVAC, Mothijheel, Dhaka
State Bank of India - Shadharon Bima Bhaban, 24-25, Dilkusha C/A,
Tel:+88-02-955337, 9554251 Fax: +88-02-9563991

3. IVAC, Sylhet

State Bank of India - Roseview Complex, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet-3100
Tel-00-88-0821 – 719273 Fax: 00-88-0821-719932

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